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Nailing Stop Motions

Stop motions are ideal for content creators keen to stand out in social feeds. They're fun, eye-catching, and work brilliantly for food-related content. 

Two years ago, I was mostly creating static imagery for my food accounts but quickly realised it really was no longer enough to gain traction, visibility, and to grow. As I investigated new ways to step up the quality of my content and embrace short-form video, I fell in love with stop motions and its infinite potential to surprise, engage and entertain. It looks super sleek when executed properly, but is relatively easy to execute do, and somehow brings to life the best of what beautiful food photography and styling have to offer.

The technical side can be tricky to learn, and it took me a lot of research, trial, and error before I gradually got to my current setup – which now works really well. With a corporate background in advertising, I was also able to apply a strong creative lens and strategic approach to concept development and storytelling, leveraging new trends and platform insights to invest time in creating concepts that are purposeful and strong by design. I developed processes and systems to execute seamlessly, consistently, and efficiently. And with hundreds of concepts under my belt, I have experimented a lot and curated a bank of fun transitions, or “magic tricks”, along the way, which work particularly well for food content.


In my course, I share all my smarts, tips, and tricks. From the strategic and creative skills acquired in my corporate career, to the technical skills I’ve developed in the process of setting up my own stop motion content business. My goal is to empower you to thrive as a stop motion creator.  

Ready to take your food content to the next level? There’s a course just for you!