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Christine Fung

Expert Feature

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Head of Marketing & Category, Goodman Fielder

Christine is an inspiring, passionate and purpose-driven leader, with over 20 years experience in the consumer goods industry, across both brand giants and local start-ups. I first met Christine a few years ago while working with Goodman Fielder, and we bonded again recently over her exciting side-hustle, Ratesmiths, which she co-founded to change the game in the office design and fit-out industry. 

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At Tasty Content, we're very excited about bringing together some of the smartest minds from the food and content industries to share a broad range of perspectives on how marketing can be used to make a business impact, while making our world more sustainable too. 

Let's start light! What's your absolute favourite dish and why?

Hainanese chicken rice is my all time favourite dish to eat, my "if you could only eat the same dish every day until you died" choice! I love the simplicity and the nostalgia of my dad making this for me throughout my childhood.

Could you tell us a little about your experience in the industry?

I've spent my career in various roles across Finance, Category and Marketing, but always in FMCG. The last 16 years have been in Marketing, and luckily for me, the last 12 of those working in the delicious world of food.

What's the best content marketing you've come across recently?

Some of the best content I've seen is actually just solid repurposing of UGC on socials, with fantastic, on brand tone of voice captioning. Harris Farm has recently been great with this. Of course I have to say some of the best content initiatives out there in food are from Goodman Fielder! The sustainability work on Wonder and the kindness campaign on Helga's are really focused on living brand purpose and helping consumers do good things for the world while enjoying delicious bread.

If you had $50,000 to drive newsletter sign-ups for your own business, where would you invest it?

Unlocking discounts e.g. 10% off your first order, ahead of buying in exchange for sign ups. While driving sign ups, this tactic also drives sales.

What do you think is the biggest challenge food businesses face today, and how could marketing be used to address it?

Sustainability. Working in food, we (as marketers) have the amazing privilege of being able to touch so many households with our products and speak to so many Australians with our marketing messages. We need to use that investment to lead and enable our community to make more sustainable choices.

Is there a key behaviour change you've noticed emerging for Australian consumers?

Not a new trend, but the shift out of the supermarket for food needs continues to impact traditional FMCG brands i.e. meal kits which exploded over COVID to even high end restaurants, uber eats, direct from farm sourcing, DTC e-commerce brands.

What's the most exciting new opportunity for food businesses?

Reinvigoration of foodservice - coming out of COVID lockdowns and returning to "normal" with an even more hedonistic bent as people make up for lost time.

Where do you go for your industry trends and inspiration?

How can we make our industry more sustainable?

Trend Hunter and Mintel are firm favourites.

Too many big potential wins to choose just one! But very broadly, operations and supply chain is a huge opportunity to improve sustainability right at the source of how we make and distribute our products. I'm excited about the responsibility that our industry is taking for improving sustainability at Goodman Fielder, and I'm proud to be part of a business that is on the journey.

Know someone who should be featured?

We're always looking to meet new industry leaders.

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