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Content Strategy


With over 15 years experience across all aspects of digital, social, content and broader marketing, formally Chief Digital Officer in the ad industry, Isabelle also has hands-on experience launching her own e-commerce food business

With great people and leadership skills, Isabelle is passionate about sharing her experience and empowering others with a clear sense of focus and purpose to fast-track growth. 


Consumer centricity

Having worked with a broad range of blue-chip brands in her former corporate career, Isabelle is your perfect marketer, or strategist on-demand.


She specialises in supporting traditional retail businesses going direct-to-consumer, as well as ecommerce businesses gaining scale and impact. Her projects range from high profile business transformation plans, through to adhoc marketing, digital, data, social and content strategies.

Impactful outcomes

We develop content strategies, prioritising high-interest topics. Starting with strategic search keyword research to inform content creation that will drive organic traffic - ideally addressing emerging and trending topics, with content gaps for maximum impact. 

We create affordable, high-quality, cooking-related content, so you can consistently publish new, fresh content, which Google will love. With a clear focus on producing high-interest content, in the right format - including text, imagery, as well as YouTube videos - your search rankings will naturally increase.

From there, we will guide you on how best to re-purpose your content and distribute it across relevant platforms for maximum impact, with minimum extra effort.


View our smart video production packages and styling principles. And feel free to connect with Isabelle on LinkedIn or email to discuss a project. Isabelle is also available for micro-consultancy bookings via Mavardo.

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    2021 Food Trend Strategy

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