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Styling, democratised

With the influence of mainstream TV shows such as Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, Australians now expect every plate to look like a scrumptious masterpiece. Yet, food styling can be out of reach. Born from the magazine golden age, with the static hero cover shot, food styling can be overly elaborate and over-priced for some projects.

At Tasty, we want to make food styling more accessible and affordable. 


We can manage the full process - from ideation, recipe development, cooking, styling and content creation - or simply collaborate on the styling component. We have our own food studio and kitchen, with all the equipment and props we need to create delicious authentic content, or we can join your team on location in Sydney.

Rates start from $950/day (+gst). Contact us via the form below to find out more.

A fresh approach

Food styling is about arranging food so that it looks irresistible, inviting, and fresh. For us it all starts with genuinely tasty food.


And to be honest, we love food too much to waste it! As such, we cook without food waste, and like to eat everything we create. With authenticity as one of our core values, we avoid techniques that result in the food plated going to the bin. While we use tools such as a water-spray to add extra freshness to vegetables, or a wooden toothpick to keep a burger stable, we wouldn't use glue, fake food, or raw meat as visual trickery. 

Isabelle is the lead stylist at Tasty. She lives and breathes food. She is naturally intuitive and creative, and has always had a good eye for small details, balance, contrast and texture. She understand the ins and outs of photography and videography, and knows how a particular food item can look its best. 

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Technical & culinary skills

We're well seasoned across a broad range of cuisines, cooking styles, and dietary requirements. From hearty casseroles to fancy dinner parties, vegetarian or meat-based, we love reinventing old classics too. We can cook your recipe, or develop one from scratch to suit your needs.


We use a mix of classic composition techniques to set a scene, such as the use of lines, diagonals, negative space, framing, texture, and layers. We also love to display some of the key ingredients used in the recipe or reinforce the cuisine of a dish with well-paired colours.


We always experiment with new flavours, textures and have a natural talent for elegant plating and storytelling. We have an eclectic collection of props to get you started but can also source extra items, with a pre-agreed budget if needed. 

View our work, or other services, including strategy and video content creation.

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