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Video Production

A smarter approach

Fast-paced tasty-style food videos are getting consumed like crazy on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Yet, creating quality content can be technical, costly, and labour-intensive to produce.


The ability to create the right asset mix for maximum impact, with minimum extra effort, is the key to set you up for success.

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At tasty we are on a mission to make recipe video production more accessible and affordable. We specialise in filming fast-paced overhead jump-cut, or stop motion style recipe and cooking videos. We create short feed-ready edits (under 1 minute), with the standard aspect ratios to maximize exposure across feeds, social stories and reels.

We capture every step of the cooking process, from cutting the ingredients to the "drool" end shot and everything in between. We also do the cooking, either using your recipe or creating one to bring your product to life. Yes, that means no need for expensive talent and venue hire. We also have a good eye for composition and will style the final dish, using our eclectic set of props, and take high-resolution photos for you.

Prices start at AU$550 for a single stop motion video.  You can also view some of our recipe videos and stop motions here.

Video production

Note: All prices are AU$ and only include 1 round of edits. Additional edit rounds are charged $150/h.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote for your project.  Packages include up to $25 ingredient purchase budget.

Stop Motions

    Video production styles

    We offer two different styles of editing for your food or recipe videos. If you have something else in mind, feel free to share an example and we'll do our best to accommodate. Visit our YouTube channel for examples of recent branded videos and client work.

    Overhead jump-cuts

    Single continuous shot edited and sped up to jump forward to key steps to demonstrate recipe instructions.

    View work portfolio


    Products, tools or ingredients are manipulated in small increments between frames to simulate motion.

    View work portfolio

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