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Natasha Nuckchady

Expert Feature


Enterprise PSM, UberEats

Natasha is a Women in Media 2020 Finalist and a well-respected sales leader in the tech, media, and digital sectors. She is originally from Europe, and is a firm foodie, which is partly why we've always got on so well, and she recently transitioned to the food space. Other than food, Natasha also has a passion for Yoga. So when her day job ends in the evening, she is usually teaching or practicing.

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At Tasty Content, we're very excited about bringing together some of the smartest minds from the food and content industries to share a broad range of perspectives on how marketing can be used to make a business impact, while making our world more sustainable too. 

Let's start light! What's your absolute favourite dish and why?

Pasta and Ragu. Being Italian Mum and Nonna used to make the best homemade pasta.

Could you tell us a little about your experience in the industry?

I am a foodie and I have been around many cuisine's growing up. I just appreciate good quality food. It's an opportunity to bring people together around the dining table. I spent 15 years in Media and decided to make the switch this year to work in the online food delivery space.

If you had $50,000 to drive newsletter sign-ups for your own business, where would you invest it?

Social media and sign-up giveaways. This is always an instant winner. It makes for great CRM capture & creates a following for your brand. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge food businesses face today, and how could marketing be used to address it?

It's a competitive marketplace. Pop up restaurants, eat-out, dine-in, meal-kits, everyone is competing. Covid hasn't helped small businesses. I think adaptability is the most important thing. Businesses need to look at ways to extend their reach beyond the traditional channels.

What's the most significant change you would like to see in our industry to help make our world more sustainable?

Businesses giving back to the local communities and supporting Australian farmers, and also supermarkets becoming plastic-free with their packaging.

Know someone who should be featured?

We're always looking to meet new industry leaders.

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