This value bundle will give you access to the course pre-recordings and bonus downloadables. In this course, I share the fundamentals in the form of 3x modules to cover technical skills, strategic considerations and creative insights for a seamless execution. Each module includes 3 lessons and can be accessed anytime. 


Course: Nailing food stop motions to stand out in social feeds


In this course, I will share the fundamentals in the form of 3x modules to cover all dimensions: technical, strategic & creative.



  • Create fun, engaging, and professional-looking social content
  • Develop your own signature style to stand out
  • Feel empowered to thrive as a creative


Module 1 (Technical): Let’s start technical: Fundamentals (45 mins)

  • Lesson 1: Set up & equipment
  • Lesson 2: Planning & prep
  • Lesson 3: Tools & Editing


  • Equipment workarounds & hacks


Module 2 (Strategic): Engaging “by design” (45 mins)

  • Lesson 1: Platform insights & trends
  • Lesson 2: Planning for agility (seasonality & topicality)
  • Lesson 3: Platform-fit for purpose


  • Event Calendar
  • trend insights


Module 3 (Creative): Add a touch of magic and creativity (45 mins)

  • Lesson 1: Concept shortlist & Ideation process
  • Lesson 2: How to create a storyboard for seamless execution
  • Lesson 3: Adding fun transitions in the final edit


  • my top 10x favourite “Magic Tricks”

Online Course: Stop Motions for Beginners