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I am Isy. A foodie, digital expert & entrepreneur 

I've had a life-long passion for inspiring others in the kitchen. Since starting my first food blog 10+ years ago, and my own D2C food business 2 years ago, I learned to create food content more efficiently. 

I am also a former Chief Digital Officer in the ad industry and know how to best support marketing teams and make a real impact.

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We make food content creation more accessible, efficient, and impactful.


Content Strategy

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Video Creation

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Our Services


Styling & Photography

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What Clients Say

"Isy has been a joy to work with, always professional, friendly and prompt. She brings care and attention to every piece of content, and is always open to feedback. She’s always come to the table with fantastic ideas and it’s been a pleasure to work with her!"
Bridget, Myer

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